The Educational Approaches to Virtual Reality Laboratory (EARTHLAB) The University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece (Lead Partner)
Prof. Tassos A. Mikropoulos, Project Coordinator, Scientific Responsible
Prof. George Smyris, Scientific consultant - Researcher
Dr. Eleni Pintela, Researcher
Nikiforos Papachristos, Administrative and technical support
Afroditi Zouki, Graphic designer
Margareth Swanberg, Editing
Sofia Pegka, Digitization
Marikelly Staikopoulou, English-Greek translator
Ioannis Vrellis, Technical consultant ā€“ QTVR & 3D development
Comitech S.A., Dynamic website and Hypermedia development

The Euromediterranean Cultural Heritage Agency, Lecce, Italy Lecce, Italy
Mauro Martina, Project Manager
Prof. Baykar Sivazliyan, Scientific responsible
Prof. Isabelle Oztasciyan Bernardini Dā€™ Arnesano, Scientific consultant
Monia Chirizzi, Researcher
Annamaria Contenti, Photographer
Gabriela Muci, Emanuela Perrone, Karam Alain, Translators
Teresa Magrini, Financial consultant
Paola Conte, Administrative and technical support

University of Cyprus Nicosia, Cyprus
Prof. Charoula Angeli, Project Manager, Researcher
Prof. Nicos Valanides, Research Consultant
Agathi Erotokritou, Content Expert - Researcher
Kyriaki Leventi, Photographer

Educational Software Development Laboratory (ESDLab) University of Patras, Patras, Greece
Prof. Panagiotis Pintelas, Project Manager, Scientific Responsible
Ioannis Messinis, QTVR development
Margarita Pintela, QTVR development
Lampros Tsiknas, Eleni Stathi, Stamatis Dragoumanos, 3D development