Name: Bayraktar Mosque
Class/Kind: Monuments - Buildings / Religious buildings
Location: Western extremity of Costanza Bastion, old part of Nicosia  (Cyprus-CYP)
Chronology: 1820
Century: 19th Century.

Short Description:

The mosque is rectangular with two ogee arches on the inside. A covered terrace with three arches is located in front of the entrance. Adjacently to the mosque lies a construction inside which is the tomb of the unknown standard bearer. The mosque is surrounded by a large yard with a garden.

Historical data:

The mosque was built at the very point of the Venetian wall where the first banner of the Ottoman army was raised when the city was captured by the Ottoman conquerors (9th September 1570). According to tradition, this is where the first Turkish standard bearer was killed and buried and therefore the conquerors renamed the bastion Bayraktar, that is ‘of the standard bearer’ (bayrak = war banner, flag). The mosque was built in 1820 when Abdullah Pasha was the Ottoman Governor of the island.

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