Name: Soufari sarai of Ioannina
Class/Kind: Monuments - Buildings / Forties - Military
Location: Ioannina  (Greece-HEL)
Chronology: Between 1815 and 1820
Century: 19th Century.

Short Description:

The building has two floors of 980 sq. metres each. The ground floor is divided into three long areas by a strong arched wall. Three large arched openings provide communication between the inside and outside while ten windows give light to the interior. The upper floor is reached by an exterior staircase of later construction. The upper floor is in four parts with separate stone pieces supporting the wooden roof, which in turn follows the same four part design with four separate roofs.

Historical data:

The impressively large building was constructed between 1815 and 1820 and is one of the largest military buildings built by Ali Pasha of Ioannina in the castle of Ioannina. From surviving evidence it seems that the building underwent later alterations by the Turkish and Greek armies. For a long period the building was used as a military establishment. In the 1960s the building and its surroundings were handed over by the Ministry of National Defence to the Ministry of Culture, which at the beginning of 1990, gave rights of use to the Ministry of Education to function, after being repaired, as the General Archives of the State, Ioannina.

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