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Themes in Science and
Technology Education
Θέματα Επιστημών και
Τεχνολογίας στην Εκπαίδευση
Themes in e-Learning
a. R & D
  1. DEUCALION, Production of educational tools for earthquake and natural disaster prevention (Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, in Greek)
  2. HYPER - DOMI. An educational software tool for autism, (Ministry of Education, in Greek)
  3. EY - DOMI. An educational software for autism, (Ministry of Education, in Greek)
  4. ESCUTIS, Elevating and Safeguarding Culture Using Tools of the Information Society: Dusty traces of the Muslim culture (INTERREG III B, ARCHIMED)
  5. MULTIMEDIA. Educational package for High school, (Ministry of Education, in Greek)
  6. ART EDUCATION. Educational package for primary school, (Ministry of Education, in Greek)
  7. SOL, Educational Virtual Environments for Earthquake Precaution, (General Secretariat for Research and Technology)
  8. PHILOSOPHY. Educational software for high school, (Ministry of Education, in Greek)
  9. SOCIAL EDUCATION. Educational software for primary school, (Ministry of Education, in Greek)
  10. LITHOS, Stone from Epirus to Skodra. Educational software for popular architectonics (INTERREG II)
  11. SILVERNET, Innovations in silversmithing (ADAPT)
  12. ΕΙΚΟΝ, Virtual Reality Technologiew in high school, (Ministry of Education)
  13. ELLOPIA, Interactive environmental map of Epirus, (Ministry of Education, in Greek))

b. Educational

  1. Further education of primary and secondary school teachers on the pedagogic use of ICT (Ministry of Education)
  2. Quality assurance and accessible training (LEONARDO DA VINCI)
  3. Virtual incubator for prequalification into resource tutors for disabled people (LEONARDO DA VINCI)
  4. ETTAD, Enabling Teachers and Trainers to improve Accessibility of Adult Education (GRUNDTVIG-GMP)
  5. QATRAIN2, Quality Assurance and Accessible Training 2 (Leonardo da Vinci)