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CmapTools.. now in Greek, by Earthlab!

The Educational Approaches to Virtual Reality Technologies lab, on its own initiative, has undertaken voluntarily, cooperating with the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC), the Greek translation of the popular concept mapping software CmapTools.

Our aim was to provide to the wider Greek educational community the oportunity to use the world's most popular concept mapping tool, contributing to the alleviation of the problem of lack of Greek mind tools.

The Greek language is now available in the new version of the CmapTools (v5.04.01, October 29, 2010) for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.

Project team:

Nikiforos Papachristos (idea & initiative, communication and collaboration with IHMC, coordination of the project, translation and editing),
John Vrellis (translation and editing),
Anthony Natsis (translation and editing),
George Zacharis (translation and editing),
Vangelis Tzimas (translation and editing), and
Joan Bellou (translation).

The project was scientifically led by Anastasios Mikropoulos, Director of the laboratory

Our immediate plans include also the translation and distribution of the CmapTools manuals.

CmapTools website -
IHMC website -