Developing a pedagogical framework for the design and the implementation of e-portfolios in educational practice

Athanassios Jimoyiannis


A theoretical framework for designing, implementing and researching students’ engagement, learning, and personal development in e-portfolios is described in this article. After providing an overview of the research on e-portfolios in education, the paper analyses the theoretical foundations of e-portfolio learning. Following it proposes a conceptual and organizational framework for teachers and instructors a) to conceptualize principles of student motivation, self-directed learning and reflection, and b) to implement effective e-portfolio learning initiatives at secondary and higher education, and teacher professional development. Finally, the article presents representative case studies and good practice examples regarding the implementation of e-portfolio initiatives using different tools in various educational contexts and programs.


e-portfolios, Web 2.0, pedagogical framework, e-learning design, personal learning environments

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