Technology integration in K-12 science classrooms: An analysis of barriers and implications

Richard P. Hechter, Laurie Anne Vermette


This paper examines the barriers to technology integration for Manitoban K-12 inservice science educators (n = 430) based on a 10-item online survey; results are analyzed according to teaching stream using the Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework. Quantitative descriptive statistics indicated that the leading barriers experienced by all teachers are inadequate: access; time; resources; training; budget; and support. Upon further examination, Middle Years and Senior Years teachers are considerably more likely to report that access and time hinder technology integration than their Early Years counterparts. Nearly 80% of all teachers remarked that technology was available to them, but about one quarter of respondents expressed frustration about the barriers that hinder effective technology integration in their classrooms. Implications of this study inform school division teacher support programs and planning, inservice professional development opportunities, and preservice teacher education.


Science Education, Teaching and Learning, Technology Integration, Barriers; K-12 Classrooms

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