Does the use of cueing in videotutorials facilitate learning of complex software applications? An experimental study with experienced ICT learners

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Vasiliki Ragazou Ilias Karasavvidis


The present study investigates whether embedding cueing in videotutorials for software training influences task performance. It also considers the indirect effects of cueing on cognitive load, self-efficacy, motivation, and flow. One hundred eighteen undergraduate students from a Greek Computer Science Department participated in the study which employed a mixed factorial between-subjects design. All study participants viewed three videotutorials on how to use a video editing application. Contrary to expectations, cueing affected neither task performance nor cognitive load. However, cueing boosted the participants’ motivation (d=0.46). In the last section we discuss the idea that in the context off complex software training cueing may be not beneficial for users with high ICT experience. The paper is concluded with recommendations for the design of videotutorials and directions for future studies.

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