The investigation of the effectiveness of the criteria for the construction of a physics text for students with dyslexia: The case of the electric current

Panagiotis Papalexopoulos, Dionisios Vavougios, Filippos Vlachos, Argiris Karapetsas


In this paper we studied the effectiveness of the writing criteria that are proposed to be applied during the construction of physics texts so that students with dyslexia do not confront reading difficulties with them. The effectiveness of the criteria has been assessed by the accomplishment of an investigation among students with and without dyslexia. A physics text that was constructed according to the writing criteria and referred to the concept of the electric current was given to read by all students. Twenty two (22) questions were used in order to assign the recognition of the physical phenomena, the physical quantities, the relations between the physical quantities and the units of measurement by all the students. The results of the investigation showed that the writing criteria helped the students with dyslexia not to have difficulties with the physics text about the “electric current”. The only area that students with dyslexia had some difficulties compared to the students without dyslexia was the recognition of the units of measurement.

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