An ability approach to within-class curriculum differentiation using student response systems and Web 2.0 technologies: Analysing teachers’ responsiveness

Matt Bower


This paper examines teacher responsiveness to an ability approach of within-class curriculum differentiation using technology. Teachers were guided through a series of four workshops designed to enhance their capacity to differentiate the curriculum using Web 2.0 technologies and Student Response Systems. Anderson & Krathwohl’s (2001) Taxonomy of Learning, Teaching and Assessing was used as a framework for the within-class ability differentiation. As a result of the project there was a discernable focusing of teachers’ conceptualisations of differentiation and its value. There were also improvements in teachers’ self-reported ability to differentiate the curriculum, ability to integrate technology into the classroom, and enjoyment of using technology. Considerable variance in teachers’ capacity to differentiate according to student ability using technology was observed, indicating that a differentiated approach to supporting teachers’ development in this area may be required.


Differentiation, student response systems, Web 2.0, mixed-ability, revised Blooms

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