Enhancing teaching and learning of Home Economics in secondary schools with wikis: An action research study

Yiu-Chi Lai, Edmund Kit-Leung Lum


This article discusses an action research study using a wiki as a course platform for teaching and learning Home Economics in secondary schools. A secondary Home Economics teacher observed that dessert recipes were too wordy and that students generally felt bored and were not eager to read them in full. To improve his teaching effectiveness, the teacher attempts to investigate the use of a free wiki service (Google Sites) in order to supplement traditional classroom teaching and practice with online learning resources and activities. An action research approach is adopted in the study and the teacher tries to improve his teaching strategies to enhance interactions between the participants and improve students’ learning outcomes. Furthermore, the teacher also attempts to integrate assessment activities with wiki-based learning activities to support students’ learning in his class.


Wiki, Web 2.0, Home Economics, peer assessment, self-assessment

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 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.