Users’ attitudes towards Web 2.0 communication tools in collaborative settings: A case study with early childhood education students

Tharrenos Bratitsis


This paper examines the utilization of Computer Mediated Communication tools within collaborative learning activities. By examining the participants’ attitudes and behavior, issues related to performance improvement are being discussed. Through a comparative study using a Blog, a Wiki and a Discussion Forum, students’ perception of collaboration aspects ant the tools’ effect are examined. Furthermore, common misconceptions are discussed, along with the difficulties the students face and the ways they invent in order to overcome them. The paper concludes in raising issues to be considered when designing similar collaborative activities, involving novice computer users with mediocre developed information literacy.


Web2.0, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, Computer Mediated Communication, user attitudes, collaborative design

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 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.