Multimodal microgenres for designing Learning Objects

George Vorvilas, Dimitris Vergidis, Konstantinos Ravanis


This paper presents a genre‐based conceptual framework for designing content forlearning objects. Some content aggregation models are reviewed in order to stress the lack of suchan approach. In this framework, learning objects are considered as multimodal macrogenres. Thesemacrogenres are constituted of content objects which in fact are several types of digitalmicrogenres. The information linking of content objects can be achieved through particular logicosemanticrelations between them. Finally, if adopting this framework, an author/teacher issupported by a repertoire of concepts which make him capable of creating coherent material inorder to affect and motivate his/her students in particular ways, through his/her intended socialand educational purposes.


Learning objects; Web genres; Multimodal microgenres; Logico‐semantic relations

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 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.