The visions and challenges of ICT for collaborative learning: A review of the literature

Andriani Piki


This report synthesises prominent issues found in the literature related to the use of Informationand Communication Technologies (ICTs) in collaborative learning. It evaluates the mostwidely employed methodological approaches and reviews the most influential disciplines inthe area of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). The purpose of this evaluationis to identify gaps as well as opportunities in current research efforts to guide further investigationinto the nature, theory and practice of CSCL. It is argued that there is a genuineneed for cross-disciplinary research and a holistic methodological approach which will allowresearchers to study technology-enhanced collaborative learning from multiple perspectives.Such an approach should incorporate social, cognitive and technological perspectives towardsunderstanding real –as opposed to experimental– pedagogical contexts. This can help forward-thinking researches, educators, and designers find innovative solutions and practicalideas for addressing the challenges and capitalising the visions of ICT in education.

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