Python source code plagiarism attacks on introductory programming course assignments

Oscar Karnalim


This paper empirically enlists Python plagiarism attacks that have been found on Introductory Programming course assignments for undergraduate students. According to our observation toward 400 plagiarism-suspected cases, there are 35 plagiarism attacks that have been conducted by students. It starts with comment & whitespace modification as the most frequent attack and ends with replacing regular instruction with API-based instruction as the least frequent one. In addition to such primary finding, we have also found two additional findings. First, when classified based on Faidhi & Robinson’s taxonomy, the occurrence trend of such attacks is not proportional to increasing plagiarism level due to the nature of Python programming language, course syllabus, and student preferences. Second, incorporated plagiarism attacks are proportional to student experience, even though such relation is, sometimes, mitigated by student understanding and assignment restrictions.


source code plagiarism, plagiarism attack, introductory programming, python

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