An e-project-based approach to ESP learning in an ICT curriculum in higher education

Irene Mamakou, Maria Grigoriadou


The interest in the integration of language learning with knowledge/content construction isgrowing around the world leading to Content-Based Instruction (CBI) which emphasizes theconnection between the skills and information provided in the English for Specific Purposes(ESP) course and the technical material taught in their discipline. Interactive teamwork,critical reading and writing, communication skills, negotiation, presentations are some of thevital soft skills for today’s academic and future work environment. Traditionally, ESP involvesa lecture mode where academic literacies and skills such as reading comprehension, writing,and vocabulary are practised. This paper discusses and analyses qualitative and quantitativeresults from the introduction of an e-methodology in two university departments forteaching/learning ESP in the framework of discipline-related, CBI and project work whichenhances and modernizes teaching and learning ESP and develops new study habits forlearners by promoting self-directed, autonomous, active learning, out-of-classroom learningand by encouraging students’ engagement and academic socialisation.

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