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Επιστημονικά Περιοδικά
Themes in Science and
Technology Education
Θέματα Επιστημών και
Τεχνολογίας στην Εκπαίδευση
Themes in e-Learning
Κατάλογος Περιοδικών

Κατάλογος περιοδικών από τον ιστότοπο

Κατάλογος περιοδικών του Εργαστηρίου CONTA του Πανεπιστημίου Μακεδονίας.


  • Active Learning
  • Advanced Technology for Learning
  • AI & Society
  • Association for Learning Technology Journal
  • Australian Educational computing
  • Behaviour & Information Technology
  • British Journal of Educational Technology
  • Children and Computer Technology
  • Cognition, Technology & Work
  • Cognitive and Computational Approaches
  • Communications of the ACM
  • Computer
  • Computer Applications in Engineering Education
  • Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds
  • Computer Science Education
  • Computers & Education
  • Computers Education
  • Computers in Human Behaviour
  • Cybernetics & Human Knowing
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Development Consortium
  • Education and Information Technologies
  • Educational Technology & Society
  • Educational Technology Research & Development
  • European Journal of Engineering Education
  • Expert Systems with Applications
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing
  • IEEE Software
  • IEEE Transactions on Education
  • Information Appliances
  • Information Technology & People
  • Information Technology in Childhood Education
  • Innovations in Education and Teaching International
  • International Journal of Human – Computer Interaction
  • International  Journal of Human – Computer Studies
  • Interacting with Computers
  • Interactions
  • Interactive Learning Environments
  • International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education
  • International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning
  • International Journal of Technology and Design Education
  • Internet and Higher Education
  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education
  • Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
  • Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Journal of Computing in Childhood Education
  • Journal of Educational Technology & Society
  • Journal of Information Systems Education
  • Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education
  • Journal of Interactive Learning Research
  • Journal of Interactive Media in Education
  • Journal of Research on Technology in Education
  • Journal of Technology Education
  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Journal of Technology and Teacher Education
  • Learning & Leading with Technology
  • Learning Technology Newsletter
  • New Directions for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Presence-Teleoperators and Virtual Environments
  • Technology in Early Childhood Education
  • Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning
  • Technology, Pedagogy and Education (Former ITTE Journal)
  • The Computer Journal
  • The Design of Children's Technology
  • The Information Society
  • Themes in science and technology education



  • American Journal of Physics
  • Computers in Physics
  • Educational Studies in Mathematics
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  • International Journal of Science Education
  • Journal of Research in Science Teaching
  • Journal of Science Education
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  • Science Education
  • Themes in Science and Technology Education



  • British Educational Research Journal
  • Child Study Journal
  • Childhood Education
  • Cognition and Instruction
  • Cognitive Science
  • Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood Education Journal
  • Early Childhood Research Quarterly
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Research
  • European Journal of Psychology of Education
  • Innovations in Education and Teaching International
  • Instructional Science
  • International Journal of Educational Research
  • Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology
  • Journal of Education for Teaching
  • Journal of Instructional Psychology
  • Journal of Teacher Education
  • Journal of Workplace Learning
  • Language and Education
  • Learning and Instruction
  • Learning Environments Research
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences, Humanities
  • The Exceptional Parent
  • The Future of Children



  • British Journal of Developmental Disabilities
  • Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities
  • Information Technology and Disabilities
  • Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities
  • Journal of Learning Disabilities
  • Research in Developmental Disabilities
  • Topics in Early Childhood Special Education